Candy Shop

Testing Your Shop

You can try out your shop through our demo site.
On the site, click the Config button on the top right and enter the params from your admin panel to see what your shop looks like.
Once entered, click OK and you should be connected to your shop. You can use the demo site to explore the features and UI components Candy Shop provides.
Config button on the top right corner
Configure connection to your shop
Note: We have upgraded the Candy Shop program from V1 to V2 (commit here). The demo site connects to Candy Shop V2 by default. If you wish to connect to Candy Shop V1, please use the following parameters:
candyShopCreatorAddress: "Fo2cXie4UwreZi7LHMpnsyVPvzuo4FMwAVbSUYQsmbsh"
treasuryMint: "So11111111111111111111111111111111111111112"
candyShopProgramId: "csa8JpYfKSZajP7JzxnJipUL3qagub1z29hLvp578iN"