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LIQNFT treasury will charge fees across several activities. Fees collected will first be used towards any operational and platform development costs and the remainder will be distributed to LQN token holders either through stake and earn program or token repurchase and burn program.
Vault Creation Fees. When the owner of an NFT pledges his/her NFT to create a new Vault for fractionalization or serialization, the owner will incur 2 fees, (1) for the Solana network fee and (2) a vault creation fee paid to the LIQNFT treasury.
Minting Fees. Minting fees will be incurred by the primary buyer when minting from the primary sale of the OT or ST. The minting fees will be shared between the LIQNFT treasury and the Vault owner. All minting proceeds will go to the vault owner.
Trading Fees. These are fees that will be charged whenever a secondary buy/sell transaction occurs on any OT or ST. The trading fees revenue will be shared between the Vault owner and the LIQNFT treasury.
Redemption Fees. When a buyer has acquired 100% of the OT or has paid the tender offer price, he/she will also pay an additional redemption fee to LIQNFT treasury.
Specific fees and rates will be published on and may be updated and changed from time to time at discretion of LIQNFT.