Candy Shop


You can auction single NFTs with Candy Shop. We support auctions in either SOL or custom SPL token.
Shop owners can specify the following auction parameters:
  • Starting bid
  • Minimum bid increment
  • Buy now price
  • Bidding period
  • Start date and time

How It Works

  • Users connect their wallet to place a bid
  • Highest bidder cannot bid higher
  • If outbid, users have to claim their previous bid to have their tokens returned to their wallet
  • When auction closes, the NFT will be automatically transferred to the highest bidder

Create Auction

You can create an auction in My Shop. You can also use the Create Auctions component to create an auction on your Candy Shop.
Note that only shop owners can create auctions. For the same reason, shop owners do not need to whitelist the NFT to be able to auction it.
walletConnectComponent={<WalletMultiButton />}

Display Auctions

Use the Auctions component to display auctions from your Candy Shop and let users bid on them.
walletConnectComponent={<WalletMultiButton />}

⚠️ Solana Transaction Size Limit ⚠️

Due to Solana's transaction size limit, Candy Shop can only support NFT auctions in custom SPL tokens with maximum 2 creators.

⚠️ Royalty constraint ⚠️

Due to the Metaplex auction house implementation, please avoid committing NFTs with seller fee basis point = 10000 (i.e. 100% royalty fees) into Auction. Your Auctioned NFT will likely be stuck in the contract for that reason.