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How to Trade Fractions

Good to know: A secondary marketplace will open once a particular fractionalized NFT vault has passed its initial minting period or is sold-out. The marketplace be launched and allow token holders to freely trade the fractionalized tokens against each other. LIQNFT’s marketplace is powered by Serum and features a simple and easy to user order-book mechanism.
Step 1 - Go to Markets: Go to Markets page and click on the NFT that you want to buy or sell - this will bring you to the primary trading page displayed below.
Step 2 - Choose Buy or Sell: Depending on if you want to buy or sell, you can click on the Buy / Sell header at the top of the order window. The Price will dynamically change to reflect the price that you can immediate sell or buy at in the market.
Step 3 - Set your Price & Quantity: you can also enter any price you want to buy or sell at into the price entry slot and specify how many tokens. Once you are happy with the order, you can proceed by clicking on the Buy Now or Sell Now button. If there is no immediate match in the market, your order will be added to the order-book until someone is willing to buy at or sell at the price you have specified.
Step 4 - Settle your trade: once a buyer or seller accepts your order, you will see the proceeds (for sell order) and the tokens (for buy order) show up as Unsettled balance. You will need to click on Settle Funds in order for the tokens and the sales proceeds to be settled and deposited into your Solana wallet. That’s it - simple!