Candy Shop


Candy Shop's JavaScript library allows you to create an NFT marketplace on Solana in minutes.
Drawing inspiration from Project Serum’s mission to accelerate Solana’s on-chain trading infrastructure, Candy Shop aspires to do the same for Solana NFT marketplaces.
Candy Shop provides an easy to integrate marketplace protocol & toolset with a full suite of data endpoints and command APIs to help users deliver a simplistic, seamless and efficient NFT marketplace experience.

Why Candy Shop?

  • Open Source. Built by developers for developers.
  • Decentralized. Support the decentralized movement. NFT transactions are on-chain and powered by Metaplex auction house program.
  • Easy to Integrate. Create a fully functional marketplace in minutes.
  • Serverless. No need to maintain your own backend to have a performant marketplace
  • Seamless User Experience. Provide a simple and user friendly experience for browsing, buying and selling NFTs.
  • Lower Fees for Buyers. Users save on fees when they transact on your marketplace.
  • Get a Share of Fees. Earn 20% of the 1% transaction fee.
  • More Visibility. Your NFT listings will be showcased on, giving your project better visibility while still retaining control and ownership of your own marketplace.

Key Features

  • Basic SOL marketplace
  • Custom SPL token marketplace
  • Multi-currency marketplace (e.g. SOL + SPL token)
  • Multi-collection marketplace
  • Fully customized marketplace
  • Auctions
  • Verified NFT collections
  • Credit card payments
Please submit a Github Issue for bugs and feature requests.