Features & Services

Admin Panel

Admin Panel is the control dashboard for your Candy Shop, you can view key stats such as how much operating balance you have in your shop as well as any transaction fee revenue generated as well as auctions and collection filter setup. In additional, you can also use the admin panel to create new auctions, new edition drops or mint NFTs directly. This is where it all comes together!


An easy to navigate and full function storefront marketplace. With our easy to integrate SDK, you can customize and flare up your own marketplace to fit your project and community. Each Candy Shop comes with ready to use and modularized components such as filters, data widgets and activity tracking to allow you to bring the most to your user's buy/sell experience.

Mint NFT

Mint NFT allows you to create a brand new NFT directly from your Candy Shop. You can create an NFT That is a single master copy or one that can be used to create additional limited edition copies via the "Edition Drops" feature later (simply select Edition Enabled). Newly created NFT will appear in the wallet connected to the Candy Shop.


Auction allows you to sell an NFT to the highest bidder during a preset auction time window. You can create an auction for your marketplace by simply navigating to Auction from your Admin Panel and click on Create Auction.

Edition Drops

Edition Drop allows you to create limited edition copies of your NFT and sell the copies to your users. Each additional edition minted will have a unique edition number assigned, however the NFT art will be the same as the original master copy. Edition Drop is a great way to create limited edition collectibles for your community, for a live example can visit https://boombox.market/.

You can create the Master NFT using the Candy Shop Mint NFT feature and enabling the "Edition" tick box.

Read more about Edition NFT here: Master Edition NFT

Flexible Token Settlement

Candy Shop is compatible with all custom SPL tokens, allowing community shops to be able to transact using their own local SPL currencies. As we expand into the Ethereum and Polygon space, we will also support all custom ERC20 tokens as well to make our shop accessible to all types of projects.

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