Candy Shop

Why Candy Shop

Why use Candy Shop? To us, there are plenty of reasons and many more still yet to come, below are some of our core value propositions:

Storefront marketplace in minutes

Candy Shop is an easy to use SDK solution that saves you from going through all the troubles we have to endure and allow you to get straight to running your own dedicated storefront marketplace in literally minutes.

Cross-Chain Support

We are live on Solana and will be on Ethereum and Polygon soon. We are your cross-chain marketplace partner and together we can make NFT and metaverse chain-agnostic and bring a unified web3 experience to our end users.

Built For Developers

Our Candy Shop SDK is built by developers for developers, we currently support Javascript, Typescript and other web languages. Candy Shop also supports Unity, Unreal and other gaming engines to realize your metaverse and web3 gaming ambitions. If you are not a developer, our No-Code solution will help you skip through all these!

Revenue Sharing

When you operate your own Candy Shop marketplace, you are also entitled to the sharing of any transactional fees generated. The fees will be deposited into your Candy Shop admin account and can be withdrawn whenever you like.

SPL Tokens & Credit Card Payment

Candy Shop supports flexible payment methods, from your own SPL token to paying using credit card, our infrastructure will support whatever methods you want to offer your community.

Drawcard Features

Each Candy Shop also comes with all the additional community engagement features from Auction to Edition Mint to NFT Creation, and we have a robust roadmap to launch even more features as we continue to build.