Candy Shop


From all walks of life - blockchain natives to tech entrepreneurs to bankers - with a shared passion for transforming the NFT space.
Hikaru | Cofounder & CEO | Twitter​
Multi-talented professional with experience in risk management, software development and project management in leading financial institutions and fintech startups.
RustySol | Cofounder & CTO | Twitter​
Rust developer and vault architect at leading crypto exchange. Highly experienced blockchain expert in dealing with cold wallet management as well as on and off chain integration.
SolMaker | Software Engineering & Growth | Twitter​
Tech entrepreneur and software engineer with one exit.
SoloVerse | Software Engineering Lead
Passionate software engineer who has developed innovative products on different platforms including web, mobile, CI/CD and more
MinhVan | Software Engineer
Kai | Software Engineer
nibbus | Software Engineer
SolMoose | Product Lead | Twitter​
Product growth and innovation strategies in crypto and traditional finance.
Poffertjes | UI/UX Designer
Aagust | UI/UX Designer
Helzzz | QA
SolRunner | Marketing Lead | Twitter​
Veteran digital and social media marketer specialized in consumer and FinTech sectors.
Conconut | Growth

Join Us

Want to join a fast-growing, passionate and rockstar team to build something big in the NFT space? Please DM SolMaker (will not dm)#9853 on Discord.
We're looking for:
  • React & full stack web3 developers
  • Solidity blockchain developers
  • Marketers & collab managers to promote Candy Shop adoption
  • Community managers