Candy Shop

About Candy Shop

Candy Shop is a one-stop solution provider for all your NFT needs - from minting an NFT to operating your own fully decentralized marketplace to running community engagement activities such as limited edition launches and auctions, we provide the entire NFT value chain from within your own dedicated shop. Best of all, all these can be done within less than 30 minutes.


Our mission is help scale the adoption of web3 by taking away the technical complexity from NFT and providing the tools for web3 content creators and projects to easily operate an NFT marketplace so that they can focus on what is important - creating unique and innovative content and attracting in the next billion users to the space.
Candy Shop is live on Solana and will be launching on Ethereum and Polygon soon!

Our Approach

Marketplace infrastructure and services should be accessible to all web3 users without discrimination - whether you are a team of developers and coders or a team of creative professionals with no development experience, we offer a bespoke solution that is catered to your needs.

Developers & Coders:

For developers & coders, Candy Shop's open source SDK is an easy to use modularized infrastructure solution that allows for full customize your shop at ease and bring your own creative marketplace to your users.

Non-Coders / Creatives:

For non-coders, our Candy Shop No-Code Solution provides you our in-house designed marketplace that is ready-to-use. Simply create a shop and setup the key parameters and you will have your full function marketplace within seconds. Our No-Code solution is currently in beta testing, please contact our team if you are interested in using this solution.
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